Sammy Boyarsky from the movie RAMPART visits Caravan Stylist Studio

Sammy Boyarsky, from the new movie, Rampart, stopped in for some pre-premiere primping. She had a full day of TV appearances, and interviews, so we wanted her fresh faced, and ready.

We gave her a bouncy blow out, ensured to last all day, with our Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium blow dryer. After each section, I wrapped the hair around my hand and pinned it securely to her head to cool off, while I worked on the next. Pin curls give you lots of volume, and an overall bombshell effect, so they are the key in keeping your bounce all day long.

For her make-up, we thought we would keep it clean, fresh and youthful since she is 13 years old. We prepped her with our DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew. Her skin was flawless, so less is more in this case.   We started with the ULTA Fabulous Face concealer stick, and worked out any unevenness. Then we used the ULTA Shade-Adjusting Foundation, a medium coverage, and dusted it with the Fabulous Face Pressed Powder, which is perfect for a young girl. In order to highlight her beautiful eyes, purple seemed like the obvious choice.  We started with Pink Peals, an ULTA Minerals eye shadow, and covered the entire lid. Dampening the brush with a little water, not only makes the shadow last, but also intensifies the color. Then we used an eye liner brush to line the eye with our Plum Noir eye shadow. Don’t be afraid to go a little bolder with the line, blending is always easy. We used the ULTA Fearless eye crayon around the eye line, as well, to give a little depth.  She had the most amazing lashes, so we used the ULTA Lash Blow Out Lengthening Mascara.  We wanted her eyes to be the focus, so we took it easy on the lips, by using the ULTA Hydro Shine Lip Gel, in a soft pink hue. After warming her up with the ULTA Bronzer, we wanted a slight pop of color on the apple of her cheeks so we used the ULTA Cherry Bomb eye shadow as a blush. There are no rules in makeup, so certain products can serve double-duty. She was really happy with her look, and felt ready to take on the media frenzy ahead of her.

Sammy with her new Caboodles and beautiful blow out and makeover


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