Actress SHANNON LUCIO gets red carpet ready at Caravan for the ROOTS screening

Caravan had a wonderful time glamming up the beautiful Shannon Lucio for ‘ROOTS‘ night one screening at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center. HISTORY® premieres “Roots” on Memorial Day 2016, airing over four consecutive nights at 9 p.m. beginning Monday, May 30,

Shannon Lucio1


First Look covers the red carpet Firefox_Screenshot_2016-05-24T15-27-01.767Z Firefox_Screenshot_2016-05-24T15-27-12.881Z Firefox_Screenshot_2016-05-24T15-27-23.481Z Firefox_Screenshot_2016-05-24T15-28-32.569Z Firefox_Screenshot_2016-05-24T15-27-46.255Z Firefox_Screenshot_2016-05-24T15-29-11.867Z

For Shannon’s red carpet look we wanted to show off the amazing low cut of the dress and highlight her natural beauty. With the hairstyle we wanted to go with a fun side swept style to really show off the lines of the dress.  We started off by twisting her hair up along one side and along the nape of the neck, pinning it on the other side. With some fantastic hair products from OGX this hair looked amazing and lasted all night long. We used the OGX Elevated Finish Spray and the O2 Weightless Oil Lifting Tonic Spray to give great shine and hold to this hairstyle.


floriencia hairThe makeup look for Shannon was perfect for this dress by keeping it classic and fresh. We wanted to focus on the brows and lashes for this look. To get those fantastic brows its all about using the right products and with PIXI Natural Brow Duo you can’t go wrong. To maximize Shannon’s lashes we are totally digging the POP Lash Extension Mascara to elongate and define to perfection. Before any makeup was applied we used the Manuka Secrets cleanser to prep the skin.

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