Shawnee Seely Shows Us Her Vision of Beauty!

Shawnee Seeley of Arrojo Studio had worked on several events in the past at Caravan Stylist Studio. We were very impressed with her work during the events, so when she approached us to use our studio for her final presentation upon completing her two year apprenticeship to become a full time stylist, we were happy to lend our space to bring her vision to life.

She created a very somber mood by dimming the lights and beautiful aural stimulation with a cello solo by Carl Kodaly, as her music selection.  She had 4 models that she styled their hair with a very editorial theme.  The makeup was done by Ryder, a very talented makeup artist at Arrojo Studio.

Her models walked down the long black carpet dressed in looks by T.Tandon, Sheila Frank, and Taylor.  As each model made it to the main room, they held their head though a guillotine.  This was definitely a very original creation because it had everyone’s jaws on the floor with the stunning looks and the vision she created.  Nick Arrojo, himself, came to the presentation and spoke very highly of Shawnee’s brilliant ideas and talent to the crowd of Shawnee’s friends, family and supporters.

We were honored to have Nick Arrojo and one of his very talented student, Shawnee Seeley, use our Space, as Caravan Stylist Studio is a hub for the creative minds of artists, musicians, actors, actresses, and bloggers of New York City.




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