Shoes of Prey is where your shoe dreams come true.

Firefox_Screenshot_2015-08-07T16-32-55.006ZIf you haven’t heard of the shoe company SHOES OF PREY you don’t know what you’re missing. Your perfect shoe is just a few computer clicks away.  shoes of prey 1


shoes of prey


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Shoes of Prey is a fairly new service that provides shoe lovers, specifically shoe loving women, with the perfect, customized shoe. Their design studio is located in Nordstrom in the Garden State Plaza mall. Here, they have a wide range of support and services such as sizing and fitting, bridal shoe consultation, design/style consultation, and fabric matching. However, designs can be completed through their website as well. It’s easy to navigate, with just three simple steps to becoming the owner of your dream shoe. First, you choose from 12 different shoe shapes (anywhere from a ballet flat to a stiletto, they’ve got it). The second step is the fun part, choosing the color. Shoes of Prey provide customers with endless options of fabrics and textiles. You can choose from 170 different shades and textures. Lastly, the design will be shipped out (no worries, they have world wide shipping!). Still having trouble finding that perfect shoe? Shoes of Prey offer in-store events that allow customers to learn how to design a shoe for specific occasions. Just RSVP and the perfect shoes await.




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