Siggy Flicker Hosts a Q&A Session at Caravan Stylist Studio

Siggy Flicker, host of VH1’s, “Why Am I Still Single?!” recently came by to the studio to host a Q&A session.  In a very intimate and living room like setting, Siggy spoke to the group about her own experiences with love and entertained the crowd with her personal stories of a failed marriage and then how she went out and found her true love and soul mate, who she is marrying this Spring.  She took time to answer individual questions, giving her expert advice to the lucky audience.  It was a laid back comfortable experience for all.

After the Q&A session, Siggy mingled with the crowd over some cocktails made with Voli Vodka.  She then made her way back to ULTA, where she had a beauty consultation with our ULTA Beauty Expert, Christine.   Within seconds of finishing her beauty consultation, Siggy quickly headed over to the showroom with our many racks of clothing.  Being the stylish fashionista that that she is, it didn’t take her long to find some instant favorites.  She fell in love with a long navy blue convertible dress by Von Vonnie.  She said that navy blue was one of her favorite colors and that this was a color that she often wears, as it always looks flattering and matches with a lot of color and works well on a lot of women.  Next, she pulled a beautiful black long sleeve crew neck top made from bamboo cotton with olive green organza silk ruffle detailing by Renee Masoomian.  She loved this top so much that she wore it on an episode of “Why Am I Still Single?!”  Siggy’s personal styling tip for women that she often tells her clients is to wear form fitting clothing that fits closely to your body and highlights your curves.  She loves when a woman dresses feminine.  She is not a fan of oversized baggy clothing that hides your figure.  Even if you’re a few pounds overweight, it does not mean that you need to hide your body.  She feels that a nice dress with an empire waist, can often highlight your best curves, while concealing any problematic areas.

We had so much fun with Siggy.  Her vibrant personality lit up the room and her energy spread upon the crowd like wildfire.  We can’t wait for her to come back.  I know we all will have some  more relationship questions of our Love Guru.

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