Sound Graffiti Hits the Streets!


CNNCTD+ launched Sound Graffiti, an innovative street marketing campaign with both audio and visual elements, to promote CNNCTD+ 100 at the New Museum Store, launching May 1st. Scattered strategically throughout New York, Sound Graffiti invites pedestrians to plug in their own headphones for the unexpected, one –of-a-kind audio content. Sound Graffiti is based around the Playbutton, a wearable button that plays sound recordings when a listener inserts his or her headphones. With Sound Graffiti, CNNCTD+ encases Playbutton in a transparent, protective box that can be installed practically anywhere.

Roman Grandinetti, the creative director behind Sound Graffiti and CNNCTD+, worked with different local neighborhood curators to create each box. For the FASHION DISTRICT’s Sound Graffiti Playbutton box CNNCTD+ teamed up with Caravan Stylist Studio to enlist the help of over 25+ people in the Fashion Industry. Caravan Stylist Studio worked with THE FASHION CENTER to gain a prominent place in the fashion district to set up the Sound Graffiti box for CNNCTD+. The goal of this particular button is to share stories about each recorded person’s love for the Fashion District.

Participants recorded memories, stories, and even tips on places to check out in the Fashion District. For example, Alice Ritter points out the Macaroon Café on West 36th Street that she loves and Claudine DeSola of Caravan Stylist Studio points out Culture on the studio’s block.

On the Fashion District’s CNNCTD+ group Playbutton, you will hear sounds of designers such as YEOHLEE, Rebecca Minkoff, Gaby Basaro of Tucker, Malia Mills, Bibhu Mohapatra, and many others as well as Lisa Smilor of CFDA and Dean Simon Collins of Parsons and Ryan Daly of the Fashion Center. Erica Wolf, Special Projects Director at Nanette Lepore was very helpful letting others know about the project and also in talking about SAVE THE GARMENT CENTER on the Playbutton.

Listeners will hear about websites such as SAVE THE GARMENT CENTER and MADE IN MIDTOWN. The goal of CNNCTD+ is to tap influencers in all areas and to spark conversations about how people can influence one another. CNNCTD+ worked with Caravan Stylist Studio since their mission is to bring influencers together to support the district. The commentary on the Fashion District’s playbutton’s helps bond everyone together and shares with others excitement and love for the district. This one Playbutton will have over 25 fashion influencers showcased and will be on shuffle for all to hear as they plug in their headphones. The Fashion District button curated by Caravan Stylist Studio for CNNCTD+ will be part of the 100 project and launch on May 1st at the New Museum.

The fashion district button will go up on April 5th at 1412 Broadway in the plaza in the heart of the Fasion District. Separate from the Fashion District button, there are other amazing individuals involved in fashion who have created their own Playbuttons for CNNCTD+ 100 which individually will be showcased at the New Museum Store on May 1st. These include Treasure + Bond, Camilla Nickerson, Narcisco Rodriguez and Zero+ Maria Cornejo; there will be an importance on having this project travel so there are some international creatives involved in the project.


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