#SpringintoSummer Event at The Carlton Hotel

mailCaravan and the Carlton Hotel hosted a fun event called Spring Into Summer.

The event was the launch of MY CABANA BOY and fashion presentation from Alice and Trixie with Sole Society shoes and a special performance by TARA HENDRICKS.

We had rum punch along with water by VOLVIC and our other favorite BELVOIR.

The guests enjoyed the fashion presentation by Alice & Trixie and the musical performance of Tara Hendricks.

Caravan had beauty vignettes set up for the guests to experience their choice of Nails by Zoya Nail Polish,  Alice & Trixie fabric that was braided into the hair by Sexy Hair & Spring inspired makeup looks by Kryolan Professional Makeup. Of course a ton of Herban Essentials was given out as well – the lavender and the orange were the two hits that evening !

ZIPLOOP took a moment to talk about their new fantastic app, if you love shopping then you will love this app. Go to ziploop.com and find out all about it. If you don’t want to receive a million emails to your inbox about sales and want to organize them all in one place check out ZIPLOOP. Also, if you have a hard time keeping track of your receipts that is another huge thing this app helps you out with. Download ZIPLOOP today – you will thank us later.may14

We were also able to get several guests to check out another new love we have – NEXT ISSUE.  Next Issue allows you to download all your favorite magazines to your tablet/ IPAD and check them all out including the back issues – think VOGUE, PEOPLE STYLE WATCH, NYLON, TEEN VOGUE and more right at your fingertips. We had the pleasure of giving several people gift cards to try NEXT ISSUE for a few months.

We would also like to thank The Carlton Hotel, Alice & Trixie, Sexy Hair, Kryolan Professional Makeup, Zoya Nail Polish, My Cabana Boy, Tara Hendricks, Cottonelle, Herban Essentials, Sole Society, Fake Bake, ZipLoop, Belvoir, Bullet Acne Aid, Next Issue, Volvic Water and MD Complete Skin in helping make this night possible.


may00The Caravan Glam team had so much fun getting the models and performer ready for the event. Caravan always uses only the best products for all of our glam needs. Sexy Hair for the hair styling products, Kryolan Professional Makeup to create picture perfect smiles, Ikonic Style for our hot tools & Zoya Nail Polish to find the perfect shade. may12











may1Photos by: kimanyc

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