T.Tandon Hosts Fall 2012 Press Preview at Caravan Stylist Studio

On Thursday, March 29th and Friday March 30th, Designer Tina Tandon of T.Tandon held her fall 2012 Press Preview at Caravan Stylist Studio to showcase her beautiful new collection.

T.Tandon is a contemporary ready to wear line that is known for its feminine, luxuriously draped and beautiful adorned collections. It has become increasingly popular in New York City among socialites and young hip celebrities. The collection is designed to be versatile, comfortable and practical and also it provides stylish day to evening looks. That can be worn to the office, evening outgoings and special occasions. The silhouettes of the collection are modern with a hint of vintage which blending the two, it creates newly inspired classic pieces. That are known to be timeless, modern and chic.

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