Caravan Designer Highlight: Alice Ritter

With an economics background and a conventional French family that believed in growing up to become a doctor or lawyer, Alice’s career as a fashion designer was not always an obvious profession. She began her foray into the industry by working PR for a music company in Paris after college. In Paris, once installed into a […]

Fashion Camp NYC Visits Caravan!

As most of you already know, Caravan’s mission is to educate and connect. One of our favorite parts of the job description is unveiling the talent within our beloved fashion district! When we heard about Fashion Camp NYC, an organization started by husband and wife duo Fran Della Badia and Gordon Josey, we were so […]

Caravan Highlight: Ryan Daly for the Fashion Center

“The primary mission of the Fashion Center is to sustain and improve upon the vibrancy and vitality of Midtown Manhattan’s Fashion District by promoting the area as a strategic business location for fashion and non-fashion related business alike” –Fashion Center Mission Statement   Ryan Daly has been working at Fashion Center Bid for six years, […]

Caravan Designer Highlight: Alice Alan

Corporate America is not commonly expected to breed fashion mavens, yet Alice Chen, founder of Alice Alan, found her motivation for the line through her corporate career. As a flat-footed working woman, she always felt disappointed in her findings when it came to shoe shopping. A woman should not have to sacrifice comfort OR style […]

Caravan Designer Highlight: Michelle Vale Made In New York

  Knowing what you want and how you want it is a talent, that handbag designer Michelle Vale puts to excellent use.  She is a chic family oriented mother who has finally given women versatility with their handbags!  Since her father was a Senior VP of a major denim brand she would spend her weekends […]

Caravan Designer Highlight: Nona E. Rose by Rachel Sax

In an attempt to define herself, designer Rachel Sax has created a fashion forward classic line of belts called Nona E. Rose; and will soon branch into the exhilarating world of accessories (we are EXCITED to see a necklace and bracelet set!).  Her story begins in Maryland where she grew up sewing clothes for her […]

Caravan Designer Highlight: SAUNDER

Emily Saunders has always been a chic chick. The first sign of creative promise was evident from her childhood pastime, doodling whimsical drawings of rabbits in dresses. She went on to study English Lit at Wellesley College, where she spent her time doing costume design for plays. During her time in London, she interned at […]

David Krumholtz Visits Caravan!

David Krumholtz of the new show Partners stopped by Caravan during Upfronts to check out all the cool things that were going on. While here he learned all about Caravan Stylist Studio‘s mission to save the Fashion District. Yes we are soldiers for fashion! He learned all about the Save the Garment Center and the […]

Valerie Azlynn Visits us During Upfronts!!

Valerie Azlynn of the new show Sullivan and Sons that will premiere this fall on TBS came to Caravan to show her support for the Fashion District. While she was with us she learned about a few emerging New York designers, the Save the Garment Center, and the Made in Midtown Organization. She fell in […]

From Modern to Mod

Sixties glamour is almost like its own entity. Just mentioning the sixties makes any girl swoon with thoughts of Mad Men classic beauty or Twiggy’s enduring style. So, it is all too easy to let yourself fall into the gorgeous sixties daydream. For work after a morning of shopping, I channeled the early sixties. When […]

Sound Graffiti Hits the Streets!

  CNNCTD+ launched Sound Graffiti, an innovative street marketing campaign with both audio and visual elements, to promote CNNCTD+ 100 at the New Museum Store, launching May 1st. Scattered strategically throughout New York, Sound Graffiti invites pedestrians to plug in their own headphones for the unexpected, one –of-a-kind audio content. Sound Graffiti is based around […]

Foodie Brat holds their Official Launch Party at White & Church on March 30th!

On Friday, March 30th Maria Fernandez, AKA Moxie Maria held the FOODIE BRAT Official Launch Party at party at White & Church.  The party was a great success with over 400 guests in attendance to show their love and support.  Everyone showed up ready to celebrate in style.  Serving yummy bites created by Matteo Boglione […]

T.Tandon Hosts Fall 2012 Press Preview at Caravan Stylist Studio

On Thursday, March 29th and Friday March 30th, Designer Tina Tandon of T.Tandon held her fall 2012 Press Preview at Caravan Stylist Studio to showcase her beautiful new collection. T.Tandon is a contemporary ready to wear line that is known for its feminine, luxuriously draped and beautiful adorned collections. It has become increasingly popular in […]

Featured in WWD – Caravan Stylist Studio Welcomes the Neighborhood

Caboodles Announces Brand Partnership with Caravan Stylist Studio