Andrea Powell starring in Ender’s Game visits Caravan Stylist Studio

The Caravan crew had a great time with Andrea Powell‘s photo shoot. Her looks ranged from fitness/workout to the most stunning evening gowns and everything in between. It is always great working with a beauty that has such range and diversity in her looks. You may know Andrea from some of her many roles like […]

Keong Sim Of Monday Mornings Stops By Caravan During Upfronts!

Keong Sim known for his role in Glee as Mike Chang Sr., will now frontline in a new show called Monday Mornings this fall. Keong stopped by to score some goodies for some upcoming press appearances of his and such. Keong was really into the Emu Australia boots that he threw on with his business […]

Jonathan Silverman and Jennifer Finnigan Visit Caravan!

Jonathan Silverman, known best for his numerous roles in classic 80’s movies, and now in the new show Monday Mornings, came by with his wife Jennifer Finnigan who also will be in the show Monday Mornings. They were so much fun and very interested in all of the great things Caravan is trying to do, […]

David Krumholtz Visits Caravan!

David Krumholtz of the new show Partners stopped by Caravan during Upfronts to check out all the cool things that were going on. While here he learned all about Caravan Stylist Studio‘s mission to save the Fashion District. Yes we are soldiers for fashion! He learned all about the Save the Garment Center and the […]