The Bene Rialto Launch Party

On Thursday October 23, 2014 Caravan attended the Bene Rialto launch party event. ‘Bene Rialto’ (meaning good marketplace in Italian) is an innovative shopping and marketplace experience for customers to shop, discover and experience emerging fashion brands, artists, chefs, and innovators. On the night of Bene Rialto launch party, the five-story building was filled with tasty crepe cakes, captivating art, mingling fashionistas and professionals, and great house music.

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Artists, designers, and merchants lingered around their kiosks representing and selling the work they have produced . Majority of them are up and coming or are relocating here in New York City. The products included at the event ranged from eco-friendly handbags, diamond necklaces to organic coffee and minimalistic oil paintings. One clothing brand that caught our eye was Paula Hian.

A Philadelphia based company, Paula Hian is looking to expand to new territory and one way is through Bene Rialto. Her collection ‘City Meets Style Fall 2014’ is all about sharp, clean-cut silhouettes yet embodying femininity and chic style. This collection in particular is dominated by dresses that could be worn in the work place or out for an evening cocktail. It truly does captivate the essence of professional women who wants to remain stylish. For more of her work, check out

Paula Hian collage

Another designer to look out for is handbag designer, Ella McHugh. Coincidently, Caravan attended her Spring /Summer 2015 collection just the day before the Bene Rialto launch party. Ella McHugh’s accessories hold a vibrant chic yet sophisticated look that can be worn for both day and night looks. To purchase her accessories check out her website,

elle mchugh post1

ella mchugh 2

Not only did we come across clothing and accessories designer, but artists who showcased their creativity and thought process. Some artists that we got the chance to converse with was Ginger Penington and Brian Kirkhagis. Two artists with very distinct styles and messages articulated through their work. For more of their work, check out their site at and

gp painting
‘After the Opening’ by Ginger Pennington

bk painting
‘The Sum of Us’ by Brian Kirkhagis

Bene Rialto’s strategy to market these different companies is a great way for people to discover new talent and products all in one building. It truly captures the meaning of good marketing. For more about Bene Rialto and their other featured designers, artists, and merchants you can visit their site at

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