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Jeans are essential to every woman’s wardrobe. The versatile looks, styles and colors constitute jeans as a type of garment that will never go out of style. But how many women can say they their jeans make them feel sexy without having trouble bending down to put on shoes? Thanks to the creation of the Dakota Collective, we women are in luck. A new jean has been created to solve our tight jean restricting problems.


Bridget Skinny Crop Tribal Tie-Dye Jean
Bridget Skinny Crop Tribal       Tie-Dye Jean
Bridget Skinny Crop Ombre Jean
Bridget Skinny Crop Ombre Jean

An LA local denim and knits line has expanded from California to New York! BB Dakota has designed a denim and knit collection that will make any women feel comfortable, confident and sexy. What women wouldn’t want to feel this way? The Dakota collective is about the freedom to enjoy your wear without having the struggle to fit into jeans that have just come out of the dryer. With the collaboration of a unique stretch fit, strength, durability, and soft hand, every woman is longing for these jeans. What makes these jeans more desirable then other denim competitors is the super stretch process, which creates an extra customary stretch than compared to other basic stretch jeans. The use of fine and extra-long staple yarns, which helps to create a softer hand for jeans, establishes the soft feel and texture. With the inspiration of artisan techniques, this collections washes and colors are not amongst the ordinary. The creations of Dakota’s original treatments which include: handsand sun bleaching, enzyme washed dark resins and rainbow iridescence which make the color collection exclusive. Not only are these premium jeans made with techniques to create the best quality but they are also retailed at affordable prices. Be sure to try on a pair of these jeans and we can guarantee you will be flaunting your new style with attitude…without having to suck in while zipping up your pants.


BB Dakota

Along with denim, Dakota Collective has also designed knit basics to add to the collection. Every woman has that one shirt they throw on to feel comfy, for a quick change, or to create a favorite basic look that they always resort to. To incorporate this sense, Dakota Collective combines a vintage feel into the knits line. Sourcing Prima Cotton from Peru, the knits offer a soft and comfortable texture. The collection gives their knit line a familiar feel to your beloved t-shirt. Adding a Dakota knit to your wardrobe will give you more of a selection rather than resorting to your favorite t-shirt.
At Caravan we adore the Dakota Collective due to their unique characteristics, upscale quality and perfect fit for any women. Keep a look out for the Dakota Collective to be featured at Caravan for upcoming events!

“Fit. DONE. Sexy. DONE. LA Local. DONE. You. DONE.”

You can find these one of a kind jeans at fine boutiques and better department stores, such as Dalaga NYC. Also, be sure to check out the website:

By: Katelyn Gallagher

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