The Fashion District Project

fashion district project
Known as a major, if not most significant fashion hub in the world, Caravan Stylist Studio has, once again, set out on the streets of New York City to develop and deliver a unique project. The garment district is bursting with fiery and sophisticated fashion brands such as Kung Katherine, Randi Rahm, Lindsay Mann, Niki English and many more.
With street style becoming such a widespread phenomena, this project focuses on returning to New York’s fashion central. Named simply as The Fashion District Project, this new endeavor encompasses various individuals who have granted access along with a real live look inside the fashion industry. Not only will this project showcase designers and brands, but it will also cover individuals that help make this industry possible, including models, publicists, sales teams and sewers. Along with these different people and King our resident photographer, the project will capture city-goers and their street style of the garment center. With weekly postings on our blog, this program will also appear on social media. Ultimately, this program will feature designers, their companies and take an exploratory angle on the influence of New York City street style!

Originally from Hong Kong, Katherine Kung left to attend boarding school at a young age in the United States. From there, she attended the School of Visual Arts and The Fashion Institute of Technology, studying both Fine Art and Fashion Design. In fact, Katherine believes that fine art and fashion goes together hand in hand. Through her love of travel, she skillfully incorporates traditional Eastern influences and pairs them with Western essences. Katherine has a completely timeless design aesthetic, which appeals to women everywhere. She is completely focused on women as one of her inspirations and strives to create comfortable, well-fitted, and timeless works of art.



Amanda Campbell

Slight Jewelry was founded in 2013 in Brooklyn, New York and creates quirky and unique jewelry pieces that are all handmade. All Slight Jewelry is made from brass, sterling silver, gold, and recycled gold products. Slight Jewelry also features ethically sourced stones, including black diamonds, rare gray diamonds, and Tahitian pearls.

Source: Slight Jewelry



Randi Rahm

Randi Rahm is a creative and talented designer who began her career while sewing a quilt for her newborn son. This love for sewing that transpired into being featured in a high-end children’s boutique, where she later began designing dresses. From there, Rahm has become the talented couture designer that we see today. She directly and expertly taps into a woman’s sensuality, connecting the woman’s inner self to her wardrobe. She is also heavily involved in charities that support the arts and education, as well as the less fortunate in her local community.



Kevin Shahroozi

Kevin Shahroozi creates innovative menswear and womenswear clothing. He has been designing his own clothing line since April 2013 and offers reinterpretations on classic looks. All of his products are made with high quality fabrics and materials that come at an affordable price. Kevin was born and raised in Queens, New York and is associated with fashion houses like Burberry, Zac Posen, Marissa Webb, German Valdivia, and Giorgio Armani.



KOTOBA is a collective knitwear brand that focuses on promoting WHOLEGARMENT knitting technology, which is a revolutionary and state-of-the-art knitwear system that was developed by Shima Seiki. By integrating this technology with their knitwear, KOTOBA produces pieces that are cutting edge and timeless. In fact, KOTOBA means “language” in Japanese and was the root of development for the brand. KOTOBA produces all of their garments in the USA.


 Kathlin Argiro is a dress designer that focuses specifically on the “white dress”. She custom makes white bridal, graduation, evening, wrap dresses and more. Kathlin launched her company in 1997 and her dresses have been featured on What Not To Wear, Today Throws A Wedding, The View, and Ambush Makeover. Kathlin’s designs can also be seen on influencers like Stacy London from What Not To Wear, Katie Couric, Meredith Viera, and Melissa Rivers.
Niki English is a unique and creative handbag designer. She is based in New York City and is located in the garment district. Her handbags are a mix of street style and luxury. Her main inspirations come from NYC itself and the women who envelop the need and wants for fashion savvy functional accessories for the busy life of living in NYC.
 Caravan - Fashion District Project
We would like to send a big thank you to Katherine Kung, Amanda Campbell, Randi Rahm, Kevin Shahroozi, Lindsay Mann, Kathlin Argiro & Niki English for giving us an inside look at their studios as well as a special thanks to  Nikki Perez de Tagle for helping the Caravan team with interviewing the designers for the Fashion Distirct Project!
Check back soon for more inside looks and street style!

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