The Hugo Boss + ELLE Fall/Winter 2014 Collection launch party

On Friday, October 9, 2014, Caravan Stylist Studio attended the exclusive Hugo Boss + ELLE Fall/Winter 2014 collection launch party. The two powerhouses collaborated on this collection that is basically the epitome of this season’s trends. Located in Columbus circle, the Hugo Boss flagship store is three floors worth of fashions, accessories and perfumes.. Each floor is coordinated to this season’s trending colors; Burgundies, grays, olives, and pastel colors, fall and winter garments, and women and men’s fashion. Jackets, blouses, and trousers acquired quilted fabrics, cocktail dresses were covered with geometric patterns, and wool trench coats and cashmere scarves were painted in pastel blue. You could tell right away what people were going to be wearing within a month.


Everyone took their seat minutes before the show started and placed their complementary gift bag from Hugo Boss under their seats. The gift bag contained the perfume Hugo Boss pour du femme and the October 2014 issue of Elle. Being an avid and persistent reader of Elle, we can say that this issue is very resourceful and worth the read, just like the ones in the past. It gives you flawless makeup tips, fabulous city guides, what fashions will be appearing during Spring 2015 and an insight of the world through Lorde’s eyes. Before the show started, ELLE market director Joann Pailey and Senior market editor Jade Frampton gave a lovely introduction and walked the guest through each look.

Amongst all the looks presented, they all shared a common theme. Women in the professional world who still want to obtain a fashionable look could wear many of the outfits presented during the show. One look was a suit, consisting of a black double-breasted blazer and trousers. The double-breasted blazer can be worn with a top or without. It buttons up high enough to cover the cleavage, but still appears fashionable.


Just like the previous look, a woman in the professional world can wear this look also. The striped top and strappy heels give a chic kick to her outfit.


The dress flowed along with the model and provided movement that complimented her walk.


This suit gives the standard tailored suit a clever twist. The gold buckle on the blazer gives edginess to the whole look along with the sleek skinny pants. And to top it off, the black leather pointed toe boots gives a punch to the outfit.

This black halter dress shows some skin, yet it is elegant and tasteful. This dress stood out and was very eye-catching, and once the model turned around, it was a show-stopper.


Lastly, one of our favorite looks of the night was this cozy knit sweater worn with a black leather pencil skirt, and black strappy heels giving the sweater an edgy look. It can be worn to work or out for a night on the town.


Although this event was exclusive, no worries! You can go grab these pieces at the Hugo Boss Flagship retail location at 10 Columbus Circle or shop online HERE  For more about ELLE’s latest beauty and fashion tips, visit HERE

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