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On today, Feb. 17, had the opportunity to interview “The Following’s” newest star Tiffany Boone. She just joined the cast this season, but has already made quite an impression. You can catch her tonight on a brand new episode on Fox at 9/8c.

Congratulations on the show! In “The Following” Joe Carroll and his followers are inspired by the works Edgar Allan Poe. Were you familiar with his work before you joined the show?

I studied Poe some in high school and I was a theater major … I haven’t really read much since then so I’m not all that familiar with him, the most recent interaction had with him was probably watching the first season.

Your character Mandy Lang comes into the show in the second season, so have you watched the first season and if so what did you think about it?

Yes! I watched the first season. I watched the premiere of season one and I loved it, but I’m a big scaredy cat and I was so frightened. I was like, “No, I have to wait a while before I watch this again” and so then I went back much later and did a marathon of the whole season and I loved it! I am a scaredy cat and it was very scary, but the acting was so great and there were so many twists and turns and I just thought it was really well done. It’s not like anything else on network television, it stands on its own, so that’s why Im super excited to be part of the second season.


Your character Mandy kills her mother, why do you think she turned on her mother for Joe?

I think Mandy makes that decision because – as everyone knows – Joe Carroll is this charismatic guy, he pulls you in, he make you feel like you’re the only person in the room. He makes you feel like you belong and that’s what Mandy needed. She had this really awful existence pretty much where her mother was a prostitute, she has no friends, she lives in the back woods and she was miserable until he came into her life and so he gave her purpose, and she just felt loved with him and so to her, there were really little to no options. It was either he was going to kill them or she was going to kill him and be miserable once he was dead or she could take the chance and kill her mother and kind of helped her mother because her mother wasn’t happy either … and have this exciting life ahead of her with this man that she loved so much, so I think she turned on her mother because she felt like she had no other choice, really.

Do you think that maybe she looks at Joe as father figure?

Yeah, absolutely! As she says in episode three, she never knew her father and she never had a male role model, all the guys that she had been around were men that her mom was sleeping with for money, so yes she looks at him like a father or as a mentor and it’s a really important relationship for her.

In your opinion, what does Mandy feel like her role is within the followers of Joe Carroll?

I don’t think she considers herself a follower in the same way that Emma is. I don’t even want to call Luke and Mark followers, yet…who knows what they really are at this point. I don’t think she considers herself a follower I think she considers herself as his daughter. She considers herself his family and so she thinks she’s closer to him than anyone else and all these other people follow him because they’re obsessed with his writing or his killing and she feels like she knows him on a different level beyond being the leader of this cult.

Who would you say was your favorite character from last season?

My favorite character from last season would probably be Jacob. I was really sad when he died when Emma killed him and I just thought he was so sweet and conflicted and in a way he reminds me of Mandy in that I don’t think he had the really dark dark parts of him (Obviously, I killed my mother). But I think Mandy has a pure soul. I liked that about him, that he was so conflicted about all of the decisions he had to make in being apart of the cult.

Who would you say your favorite character is this season?

I love the twins. I’m like everybody else. I think everyone’s great let me just say BUT I just think the twins are just so interesting and I love the way Sam plays them and they’re so different and you never know what you’re going to get with the twins they’re so fun to watch.

Can you talk about the process of how you got the role Mandy?

Yeah it’s kind of a – I don’t want to say boring story, but kind of! I had a bunch of auditions that week and it was just one of many. I went in to audition on a Tuesday with the call back with Kevin Williamson the creator on Wednesday and I tested for that on Friday and next monday I booked a job and I’d been living in LA for a while, so I had to move to New York that same week and start the show. It was a whirlwind and I never thought this was going to happen! I was like well let’s just go along for this ride and I was super super blessed to be given this opportunity.

Has there been any actor from this current season that you enjoy working with the most?

Well, I love everyone it’s a truly truly great cast, but I love working with James Purefoy. Obviously we have a connection playing Mandy and Joe, but in a similar way our relationship was like that because I was so fresh and new to the show and this is my biggest opportunity I’ve gotten as an actress, yet, so he’s helped me along the way and mentored me and hugged me at moments when I’m confused and taught me how to do certain things and he’s just so fun, he was so nice at the beginning to even invite me to his daughter’s birthday party, he’s just a great guy, so I love working with James.

So what do you think is in store for your character after this season?

You know I don’t know. No one on “The Following” is safe! You never know what’s going to happen, you never know what twist and turns are around the corner, so when I came onto the show, I was thinking who knows how long I will even be on the show, so I’m not even looking to next season I’m just lucky to be working and being in the episodes, I’m in now.

For those people who haven’t watched the show yet, what would you say to them to convince them to start watching?

“The Following” is unlike anything on television because it’s horror but it’s funny at moments and it confuses you about what side you’re on, it will question your role at every turn and who doesn’t want to have fun with some old serial killers?


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