Up, Up, and Away!! Fun Ways To Beat The Heat!

As you gear up for your summer plans, keep in mind these helpful hints that will surely keep you in fashion’s good graces. Before anything, make sure you go and get yourself an awesomely renovated Caboodle Traincase. It will transport all of your summer necessities from point A to point B in style.

The summer sun brings many things, one obviously being the HEAT! But as girls of fashion we aim to be as cute as possible despite the unpredictable elements. There are so many fun options when it comes to summer hair and makeup. First things first, lay off the foundation and pick up that bronzer! Lay off the neutrals, and pick up those neons! Summer is all about glowing in the sun! Yes, those rays can be harmful, but as long as you have your DDF skincare regimen underway you will avoid any and all facial flaws. DDF has an amzing sunscreen called the Weightless Defence Oil-Free Hydrator, which has an SPF 45 paired with the Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer preparing you for a day in the sun. Both can be worn under your makeup, so you are fully covered and protected from those horrible aging effects the sun is famous for. The DDF Revolve is another must-have! It will remove any and all dead skin from sun-bathing.

When deciding your look for the day, there is one major thing to take into account: Eyes or lips? You must pick!  As young women we learn less is more.. Nothing has changed! A face full of makeup screams clown not classy. We all  like to have a little fun, but don’t go overboard! The bright colors are so appealing, but can also be blinding. You must decide where you want the focus to be. Makeup is all about enhancing your features, not exploiting them.

Pinks, oranges and bright reds are crazy this season for the lips, so be bold and go for it! Make Up Forever has some awesome bright colors that will literally last all day! So check them out, they are truly a favorite of ours.

Teals, yellows and blues are really cool shades for those lighter eyed beauties. While, greens, golds and oranges are perfectly paired with brown or hazel eyes. Just because they make it, doesn’t mean it works with your eye color, so be shade savvy when selecting your eye shadows and lip colors.

On the other hand, dare to bare your more natural side, with a touch of mascara, blush and slight eyebrow shading. Take a chance and try something new. We are!

Hair is the easy part. Basically the less work you put in to it, the more carefree and cool you will look. A simple pony tail, or even pigtails can be transformed into something simply amazing!

High buns are really popular this summer as well, not only for it’s comfort level, but they are uber chic. The height of your bun all depends on your head shape. Use your best judgment when positioning it. If it looks awkward to you, then it definitely looks awkward to everyone else. Confidence is your best asset! So if you feel good, you look good! Low ponytails are another way to beat the heat. A cute side bang, and slight teasing in the crown adds a little glamour to the everyday ponytail. Covering the hair band with a few strands and securing it with a bobby pin helps as well. This Mary Kate style is so easy to accomplish at home. Start by braiding your hair in to pigtails and pin them accordingly around your head the way a crown would. The fishtail, which is one of our favorites this season, is a little harder to explain. Definitely check out some YouTube videos on that, but we promise, once you learn you will never forget. Of course, those blessed women with natural waves have it the easiest in the summer. So for you girls a touch of the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Curling Wand is all you need to take your look from undone to polished and playful.

When in doubt, accessorize! A cute flower, or floral headband can be paired with a messy up-do or flowing waves. A good point of reference is channeling your inner goddess. She is in there, we promise! Have fun and be brave this summer.





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