Caravan hosts a studio during UPFRONTs week in NYC with the help of our amazing sponsors

Special thanks to all our designers and sponsors that made this year’s studio event possible.  We hand curatd a selection we think our guests are going to enjoy.  Some guests that attend are actors we know and worked with before others are sometimes meeting us for the first time, so we really want to showcase brands that we love.

First, we need to thank all our partners without them this event would not be possible nor would CARAVAN STYLIST STUDIO be possible.

Let’s start with the CARLTON HOTEL who hosted us in their SEVILLE ROOM for the week. Thank you for lending us your beautiful space for this event.

We have all our beauty partners that help create the final looks for the ladies that come through the studio – SEXY HAIR for hair, KRYOLAN PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP for cosmetics, ZOYA for all our nail polish and nail art work, MD COMPLETE for all our beauty skincare regimens along with our secret weapon Bullet acne aid for any little devilish pimples that flare up, FAKE BAKE for bronzing and self tanning, HERBAN ESSENTIALS for so many reasons – learn more about them at

Started in 1997, Herban Essentials is a small family run company located in Santa Barbara, California.  Their mission has always been simple: to provide their customers with the very best essential oil towelettes in the world as a way to experience essential oils without all of the fuss that goes into buying and mixing oils. 

Essential oils have tremendous healing and therapeutic properties and Caravan loves that they can share those benefits with their guests. 

We also were able to showcase one of our favorite new inventions MY CABANA BOY – if you are not able to have an actual cabana boy to spray your back with SPF – then use this brilliant device – but most importantly don’t forget your SPF.






drinksIt is so important to stay hydrated and that is why we love VOLVIC and for a little treat we love BELVOIR– and everyone loves the taste and the look of this bottle.  On top of that for UPFRONTS we were honored to work with NOTHIN BUT – the brainchild of  Jerri Graham – we believe when possible we should eat gluten-free and just healthier. Having a sweet tooth is great, but do it in a healthier way – and NOTHIN BUT is the answer to the healthy sweet tooth and just a little pick me up, especially when you get busy during a photo shoot or prepping for a red carpet event. You can learn more HERE upfronts

A few other important partners that we shared with our guests included NEXT ISSUE -Unlimited access to 100+ magazine subscriptions. Read your favorite magazines including back issues anytime, anywhere

Ziploop   – Organize your receipts. Manage your rewards. Shop the latest trends. Keep track of your favorite stores.

Very importantly, we could not complete our beauty regimen without  COTTONELLE who took care of our Refresh Bathroom Lounges  during our UPFRONT week event.  Caravan is all about finding the best beauty tips and we think one of the best ones we love is Cottonelle’s flushable cleansing cloths.  You can find out more at: HERE.UPFRONTS1

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