Vince Camuto for a cause

Vince Camuto had a wonderful event on November 19th where 20% of proceeds went to the My Face foundation. The My Face foundation aids in supporting individuals with facial disfigurations. Vince Camuto’s collection consisted of blacks, blues, whites and varies tones of red, perfect for a chic New York winter. Vince Camuto added interest to the collection with crocodile patterned leather in a mix of blouses and bags. The bags in this collection consisted of solid colors, mainly black, blue and white, giving for a sophisticated bold look essential for anyone’s closet. A variety of sweaters are also offered ranging from quilted details to two tones shimmered into each other. The shoe collection is made up of a solid sleek look, pointed to open toed heals and boots to the new fashion forward slip on with fur detailing. Vince Camuto definitely has the staples needed for a chic sophisticated look any stylish New Yorker will need for this winter season.





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