Confessions of a Nail Addict ~ Vintage Flower Nails

Vintage Flower Nails
Vintage Flower Nails

It’s time for a new nail design and since flower patterns are popping up everywhere. Why not bring this trend to your nails.


Nail Art Tools
Nail Art Tools
short & long nail brush
short & long nail brush



–  One polish color that is different from the color of the flowers. I went with dark gray.- One very light pink polish- One red polish

–  One light green polish

– One dark green polish (optional)

– Nail brushes (one short haired brush, one medium haired brush)

– Nail stick

– One toothpick

– A piece of paper or I use an artist paint pallet

– Q-tips

– Polish Remover

Zoya Nail Polish | Noot
Zoya | Noot 

Paint your nails with the base shade. Depending on the coverage one to two coats.



LIght Pink Dots | Zoya - Laurie
Pink Dots           Zoya – Laurie


Once that is about dry take your light pink shade and put a dollop of it on your paint pallet/paper. Using your short haired brush apply random round circles on your nail. These don’t need to be in perfect circle shape. Leaving space between each light pink round dots.


Outer Petals | Zoya - America
Outer Petals         Zoya – America

Once you’ve done one hand take the red polish shade and dollop out some onto your pallet. Using the medium length brush dip it into the red making sure not to get too much polish on the brush. Now on the very edge of the circles make 3 slightly curved lines. Leaving a space in between each red line around the circle. Add one or two small semi colon shapes on the inside of the pink area.


Green Leaves | Zoya - Tracie
Green Leaves        Zoya – Tracie

Now that your rosé is painted it’s time for some leaves. Take the green shade of polish and dollop it onto the pallet. Using the small short haired brush make small semi colon shapes around each rose. Applying two per rose one on each side of the rose.

If you want to go the extra mile I added a dab of darker green to the leaves. Take a dab of the darker green to your paint pallet/paper. Using a toothpick dip it lightly into the dark green polish. Make sure not to get a lot of polish on the tip of the toothpick. Make a small line in the middle of each leaf.

You may have a small amount of cleanup to do around your cuticles . Take the nail sick and dip it into polish remover to clean extra polish off you cuticles.

Once you are done allow the polish to dry and apply a clear topcoat

Vintage Flowers with Zoya
Vintage Flowers with Zoya

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