Helpful hints to adding volume to your hair

 trick to adding volume is the shampoo you use. When washing your hair try using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Salon Grafix has an amazing Volumizing Conditioning Cleanser in their new line of Healthy Hair Nutrition. It’s the perfect all in one shampoo and conditioner without weighing your hair down.

blowdryNext trick to adding extra volume is the way you blowdry your hair. Always protect your hair from heat by using 450° Heat Protect Spray by Salon Grafix. Once your hair is ready to defend it self from the heat apply a small amount of Salon Grafix Shaping Mousse to the roots of your hair before blowdrying. When you start blowdrying your hair do it while your head/hair is flipped over brushing with a large round brush in a downward motion while drying it. Once the hair is dry turn your blowdryer on cool and blow the roots with the cool air before flipping your hair back over. The will lift the hair and give it an illusion of thicker fuller hair.

Last but not least when you are ready to style your hair teasing is the way to go. Teasing, backcombing, and rat-ing (although I hate that word) are all the same thing. This is a fantastic way to build structure and a great foundation for your hairstyle by creating bulk/fluff at the roots. It will help styles last, and also create wonderful texture for a half up or full updo style.


Take a teasing comb and with the long stick end separate the hair starting on the top crown of your head, Spray with hairspray. It is important to know when you are teasing your hair always start from the root to just below the middle shaft (middle of the hair). So brush the hair down starting at the root, then go up to about the middle of the section of hair. Lift up this portion of hair on your crown, now take about a 1/2 an inch thick and about 2inches wide of hair and just in the root area do a back combing motion. You will see the hair start to tease.

If it looks like a birds nest you succeeded the first section after each section give it a light spray of Shaping Hair Spray from Salon Grafix. Gently flip this portion of hair down. Moving down about 1 inch repeat this between 1-5 times depending on the amount of volume you want.

When finished with the back, move over to the sides and repeate the same steps.


Now grab a wide toothed comb and gently start combing the teased hair down. But be careful no to undo it.

Make sure to comb enough thou, to make it smooth you don’t want to see the birds nest underneath. Then spray again with ChromaLogica High Gloss Hair Spray.



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