Orange Is the New Black Stars Dish on Their Favorite Fan Encounters — Exclusive!

OITNB Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black took the world by storm when it premiered in July, turning the lesser known actresses of the series into overnight celebrities and boosting the profiles of the women who’d already had success in the biz. When Wetpaint Entertainment had a chance to chat with members of the cast at the Caravan Stylist Studios #BeRadiant party on Saturday, September 8 in New York City, we had to get the scoop on their favorite fan encounters so far.

All of the women expressed gratitude towards all their fans, but surprise, surprise, there were definitely some stories that stuck out in their minds.

Jackie Cruz (Flaca), brought up the show’s intense online fanbase, explaining that one fan “did a page for [Flaca] and Maritza and she started to name us Floritza, which is very cute, because she’s like my best friend on the show, and we’re very close.”

But it’s not just strangers on the internet who love the show! Taryn Manning (Pennsatucky), who showed off her DJ-ing skills at the party, talked about how thrilling it’s been to hear good things about the show from “a lot of people I’ve worked with,” adding that “a lot of my friends” have been calling about OITNB.

Alysia Reiner (Fig) has also noticed a big change in her real life encounters. “On the first day of summer camp for my four year old, this woman was like ‘Oh my god, Fig, Fig, Fig!’,” she dished. “And I have to say, the people who have been taking care of me at Trader Joe’s forever, are all of a sudden are taking care of me in a very new way.”

And then, of course, there are the chance encounters on the street. Selenis Leyva (Gloria) described being followed by “a group of, like, eight young women” after leaving a Forever 21 in the Union Square area of NYC. “They were trying to be very discreet, but they weren’t, and then it became like a little mob.”

Our favorite story came from Samira Wiley (Poussey), and we’ll just let her tell it: “I was in Brooklyn walking down the street, and she didn’t say anything about the show, anything about anything — it seemed like she came out of nowhere, just popped off the sidewalk and went ‘Ain’t you somebody?'”

What would you do if you met your favorite OITNB star? Sound off in the comments below!

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